DIANA LAB, Fleming: Computational predictive models are a key element of current systems biology. The focus of the DIANA lab is on the development of algorithms, databases and tools for interpreting and archiving genomic data in the framework of a systemic analysis. Current emphasis is on the analysis of microRNA (miRNA) and protein coding genes. MiRNAs are recently identified to be very abundant in mammalian organisms and play a key role in regulating development. Comprehensive models work and integrate data at various levels of biological detail. Therefore the activities of the DIANA lab range from the analysis of expression regulation from deep sequencing data, the annotation of miRNA regulatory elements and targets to the interpretation of the role of miRNAs in various diseases. homepage

The Department of Distributed and Web Information Systems of IMIS Institute is devoted to cutting-edge R&D on large-scale management of data on the Web. We focus on scientific databases and web applications, semantic web and linked data technologies, data science tools, intelligent web search and user personalisation. Bio-science applications is one of the use-cases adopted. Strong interest also exists for semantic annotation methodologies, data integration, and semistructured data storage and querying. homepage

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